safe. simple. gentle


Your advocates for a safe, simple, gentle piercing.

How are we different?

  1. Piercing is our passion.
  2. No clamps, 100% disposable.
  3. Fully sterile procedures.
  4. Simple, gentle aftercare.
  5. Implant-grade, nickel-free, USA made jewelry backed by manufacturer guarantees.
  6. Beautiful jewelry options for healed piercings.


  • Guest Piercer Richard Effin Ivey Returns

    Richard returns for another visit Friday 11/28 through Monday 12/8! We're excited to have another chance to work with him and we hope you'll take the opportunity to schedule an appointment with him. Check out his tumblr,

  • Thanksgiving Hours 2014

    We will be closed Tuesday 11/25 through Thursday 12/27 for the Thanksgiving holiday. We hope you get to enjoy a fun meal with your friends and family too!


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Piercing gun free establishment

Association of Professional Piercers

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1654 McLendon Ave
Atlanta, GA 30307
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Current Studio Hours:

  • Sun: 12-6p
  • Mon: 11a-8p
  • Tues: closed
  • Wed: 11a-8p
  • Thurs: 11a-8p
  • Fri: 12-9p
  • Sat: 12-9p

Studio Policies

  • Walk-ins until 1hr before close
  • ID required for all piercings
  • Minors: please read FAQ
  • No blood thinners like alcohol or pain relievers