What should I do with my piercings if I get pregnant?

The best thing to do when you get pregnant is to inform your piercer of your new situation and come in for a consultation.

Since your whole stomach and breasts will change and stretch, you can anticipate some change in your piercing. However, this change varies widely for people. Not everyone changes their jewelry as they progress, but some women find that the most comfortable option for pregnancy isn't the jewelry they started out wearing.

A small percentage of women find that their piercings are rejected from the body, but this is far from the most common occurrence. The process of rejection usually sets in when the area lacks circulation, such as if your navel jewelry is too tight to allow your belly to expand. If you are experiencing discomfort, let us know so that we can determine more suitable options such as a looser fit for your jewelry.

It is also a good idea to ask your healthcare practitioner whether or not they allow you to leave the jewelry in during the birth.

Our clients and friends have worn body jewelry of all kinds through labor and delivery over the last decade. If you will be removing it, we can help you in advance and show you how to remove and reinsert the jewelry if you are not already familiar with it.