About PE

A Brief History

Piercing Experience was founded by Brian Skellie in 1992. He opened the first shop dedicated to body piercing in the Atlanta area early in the resurgence of popularity in body piercing. After several years in Little 5 Points, Piercing Experience moved to its current location in Candler Park in 1995. This provided a calmer, more comfortable atmosphere for clients.

The shop has continued its mission of providing the safest, gentlest piercings. During 2004, Brian began to travel frequently and take a less active role in the daily operation of the studio. Christina Blossey, after working in many capacities in the studio beginning in late 2001/early 2002, began managing the shop. As Brian's travels became a permanent move away from Atlanta, Christina took over as owner in 2008.

Our Commitment: Safe, Simple, Gentle

Our commitment to your experience has three parts. Safe means that we are constantly researching and updating our methods to ensure we are doing all we can to ensure your health and safety. Simple means that everything we do, both during the piercing procedure and recommend as aftercare, is a necessary step. Gentle means that we will be conscious of your experience and do whatever we can to make it easier.

Our Logo

The symbol in our logo is based on the rod of Asclepius, which you can read more about on Wikipedia. This symbol of healing is often used by medical associations and companies such as ambulance companies. Brian decided to use it as the basis for the logo as a symbol of the dedication of Piercing Experience to your health, safety, and healing.